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Camilla Koczi is a 26-year-old Austrian contemporary artist. She has been painting for over 18 years, experimenting with different techniques and mediums. 


She received her International Baccalaureate Diploma in Higher Level Art in 2015. She further obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business and Social Sciences with a major in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She is currently doing her Masters at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.  During her education she started building her art brand in 2018.


Her core competences include a strong work ethic and the ability to quickly implement ideas into art. Since 2019 she was featured in international exhibitions, magazines and her clients reside all around the world. During the pandemic, she started to specialize in customized artwork for clients and businesses.

Her primary mediums include acrylic and spray paint on canvas, as well as fine art prints. Her style was developed through constant refining, rethinking and experimentation of color combinations and techniques.

Koczi draws inspiration from various sources. "I strongly believe that the exchange between life experiences and art opens multiple possibilities of in-depth and subconscious self-expression."Some of her works begin intuitively, in which the process of painting gives reason as to why she chose a specific motif. Be it a memory from a vacation, a conversation with friends or family, an article , an interesting podcast or an emotion that she felt subconsciously. Her works clarify her thoughts and what is occupying her mind at the moment. Many works are inspired by psychological, anatomical and social issues and her passion for experimenting with new color combinations.

Her main painting technique is the application of acrylic paint on canvas with a brush or large spatula which are smudged and used as a background. The motifs are "scratched" into the background color and fresh paint is then applied layer by layer until a motif is clearly visible. Koczi mainly paints with a palette knife.

Furthermore, her recognition value is based on fictional bear characters, which mainly address cultural /societal topics.


Her purpose is to inspire, initiate a dialogue or merely to capture the essence of people and objects.

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